Having a plasma PVD or PACVD tool which is still the workhorse within your company, but having problems with obsolete components and lack of modern controls and interfacing capabilities? We deliver tailored solutions.

Thanks to our expertise, we are familiar with the components, terms, needs and risks to support you in upgrading and/or changing any vacuum (coating) machine. We have in-house knowledge to guide you from the start by designing electrical schematics, dimensioning and building the electrical boards, making mechanical changes, adjusting or building PLC software and providing a state-of-the-art HMI. We can give you a complete turn-key solution or can assist you with the parts where you do not have the in-house knowledge available.


Beat the unexpected downtimes by defining a tailored preventive maintenance plan with us. Next to that, we offer curative maintenance, including in-depth troubleshooting, on every aspect of the machine.

We can recalibrate most components and troubleshoot process problems when the quality of the process is dropping or needs to be implemented on new materials.  

Industry 4.0

In modern manufacturing, interconnected systems and data sharing among those systems start to play a key-role. We can make your equipment future proof.

By using standardized backbones (OPC based), combined with our in-house knowledge to provide customized software, we provide full interaction between your machine(s) and your ERP/WMS.

Obviously, also historical data collection in different formats and report generation (needed for quality/customers/traceability) are our thing.

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