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nanoWatt specializes in the development of low-pressure plasma processes and the design and manufacturing of machines in which such processes take place. These processes include surface modification of substrates as well as coating processes for applying both polymeric coatings and hard coatings, or a combination thereof.

We focus on the high-end industrial market by offering highly performant, robust industrial equipment that can be deployed 24/7 and also offer extensive integration into the ERP/MES system of our customers (Industry 4.0).

We operate worldwide.

We offer a complete line of low-pressure plasma machines and associated processes to customers, with a high degree of customization to the specific requirements of our customer. In addition, we offer customer-specific services with regard to existing vacuum plasma machines (such as modernization or refurbishment, repair, maintenance, spare parts,…), independent of the manufacturer of the device.

We boost the lifetime and quality of our customer’s products by offering world-class environment-friendly low-pressure plasma solutions

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