Plasma cleaning and activation of plastic components

  • Aim : ensure good adhesion of the subsequent process like gluing, painting,… by increasing the surface energy of the plastics
  • Applications : Pretreatment before flocking of automotive parts and pretreatment before gluing of consumer electronics parts such as head sets, laptops, ….

Activation and/or hydrophilic coating on medical plastics

  • Aim : enhance culture growth
  • Applications : Petri dishes, cell culture flasks,…

Hydrophobic coating of medical plastics

  • Aim : ensure perfect flow characteristics/emptying
  • Applications : micro-pipet tips

DLC/DLN coating on plastic injection mold components

  • Aim : protect the parts from wearing, allow dry running (without lubricants) and improved cleaning of residue after use
  • Applications : on mold components such as ejectors, sliders, blow mold halves, stampers, centering pins, thread cores and microfluidic molds, especially in food and medical industry


Dielectrical barrier coating on Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

  • Aim : shortcut and corrosion protection of PCBA against moisture, sweat and submerging in water

Applied on PCBA used in :

  • Consumer electronic devices like headsets, Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, smartwatches and other wearables
  • Medical electronic devices like hearing aids, event recorders,…
  • Automotive electronics, more specific in sensors exposed to the environment, Industrial electronics, for devices, especially sensors, working in harsh environments
  • Electronics used in (corrosive) marine environments

Hydrophobic overcoating of full electronic devices

  • Aim : protect the device against liquid ingress, especially against water and sweat
  • Applications: Used additionally as a first line of protection for all applications described in the point ‘Dielectrical barrier coating on Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)’ or on other electronic devices requiring a moderate protection against liquid ingress (‘rain-proof’)

Plasma cleaning of PCB’s

  • Aim : clean/desmear multilayer PCB’s before metalizing in order to get good coverage in the via’s
  • Applied on on multilayer PCB’s

Filtration, webcoating as well as finished products

Oleophobic coating on non-woven filter material

  • Provide oleophobicity as well as increase filter efficiency by providing a higher degree of charging capability.

Applied on electrets used in (HEPA & ULPA)-filters :

  • Industrial : cleanrooms, gas turbines,half and full mask filters.
  • Consumer : home air purification systems, pollen filters, vacuum cleaner filters
  • Medical : respirators, FFP2 and FFP3 face masks

Oleo- and hydrophobic coating on woven technical mesh and membrane

  • Applied in : venting for exterior lighting, batteries and electronic devices, especially sensors.

Hydrophilic coating on woven technical mesh and membrane

  • Aim : change behaviour of intrinsic hydrophobic material
  • Applied on : track edge membrane for blood plasma filtration and cell culture growths

Hydrophobic & oleophilic coating on membrane

  • Aim : different behaviour towards water and oil
  • Applied in : oil/water separation filtersy

Textiles, webcoating, as well as finished products

Technical Textiles

Hydrophobic and/or oleophobic coating on medical and industrial clothing

  • Aim : provide a liquid (water and/or oil-based) repellent coating, possibly enhanced with other features (flame retarding, antimicrobial, UV protection, certain degree of conductivity,…)
  • Applied on : medical protection garment

Wear-resisting DLC and DLN coatings on technical textiles/mesh (R&D phase)

  • Aim : provide increased wear-resistance to fabric, next to the common properties of hydrophobicity, oleophobicity or hydrophilicity
  • Development phase, samples only

Consumer Textiles

Hydrophobic and/or oleophobic coating on apparel

  • Aim : provide a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating while maintaining maximum breathability
  • Applied on : finished goods like shoes, gloves, sports & outdoor wear

Precision mechanics

Hard diamond-like carbon or diamond-like nanocomposites coating on precision mechanics components

  • Aim : Provide an amorphous low-friction coating in combination with the high level of wear-protection offered by these range of hard coatings, besides other functionalities such as non-sticking, anti-corrosion,…

Applied on :

  • Parts of injection molding systems (ejectors, sliders, blow mold halves, stampers, centering pins, thread cores and microfluidic molds)
  • Semiconductor equipment components (chucks, pedestals, docking components)
  • Compressor parts
  • Metering pumps
  • Non-ferro metal pressing tools
  • Powder pressing tools (especially pharmaceutical)
  • Food processing components
  • Cutting tools (industrial paper knives,…)
  • Engine and valve train components (pistons, tappets,…)
  • Precision machinery components (shafts, cranks, pistons…)